Playtimes Playgroup is run as a charity which means that we keep our charges as low as possible so that as many children from the community can come and attend the sessions that we offer. However, because we keep our charges low we have to raise money so that we can fund things that the playgroup needs but the budget cannot stretch to!

We are always after new parents to help us organise and participate in our fundraising events, so if you are able to spare some time please let us know. After all the more people we get to help the smaller the work load on everyone involved. If you have any fundraising ideas please let us know.

Fundraising Links
In the hall we have a large white box which is for collecting any jewellery, gold, silver, costume and watches, even damaged and odd items. Old and foriegn banknotes and coins. Mobile phones. Just drop them off to us and we will send them off. if you order your fuel from Boilerjuice then please add our Community  Reference number 35083.  This will cost you nothing so please tell all your family and friends.

Please quote Community Reference Number 35083.


For all those school items you don’t want to lose.
This is a catalogue that contains many useful craft items that are ideal for entertaining the children during the holidays or on wet days. When ordering use the playtimes playgroup Code “SPL1145″ then a percentage of sales goes directly to the playgroup. If you order direct the full delivery charge will be incurred, however if you place you order as part of a collective playgroup order the delivery charge is substantially reduced.
This is a catalogue that offers top quality personalised gifts and labels by mail order. When ordering you must quote the playgroup code “PTPG” (as above the full delivery charge will be incurred if ordered direct)
This is a mail order catalogue that contains a wide variety of products. When ordering you must quote “Fundraiser Source Code: 00096237/080/6/91” so that playgroup can receive its commission (as above the full delivery charge will be incurred if ordered direct, i.e. £3.99)
For details of how to support the playgroup when ordering from ELC please ask a member of staff or committee for details.
Easy2name – custom labels for many uses. When the checkout is reached there is an area for the organisation name (Playtimes Playgroup) to be added. Playtimes will earn a donation of 20% of your order.

Other organisations that we have used to raise money are:
We order our specially labelled luxury Christmas puddings from this award winning organisation. Details of the company and their products can be viewed at the above website.
Kids Klub Videos produce children’s keepsake videos, we earn £1 for every video taken during our annual Kids Klub Video session. Please check out their website for more information.
This company sells kids hooded towels. These need to be ordered through us as it’s the distributor who gives us 50p per towel ordered not the company. Check out the website for the latest designs.
We order directly from a consultant who sells the Chocoholic products through parties in people’s homes, so the commission is earned through her. Product details can be found on their website but if you wish to hold a party then contact the playgroup and we will provide you with her details.